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Food security – making sure everyone has access to safe, affordable, nutritious food without harming the planet – is one of the most pressing challenges the world faces today.

The scale of this challenge requires different organisations to work together. Keele can add value to your research in many ways, such as providing social science insights to plant scientists or, conversely, providing social scientists with choices of practical science-based interventions to manage factors jeopardising food security (for example, crop pests). Our strength is in our ethos of breaking subject boundaries and this is necessary for the big topic of food security.

Different parts of Keele University have already undertaken a range of research projects on food security; but with the Keele Centre for Food Security, we are developing this as a major research theme. This will bring together science, engineering, social sciences, and arts and humanities across the university to create better ways to produce more food from less land, promote healthier eating, develop greater awareness of food waste, and address biodiversity loss.

Now we are keen to collaborate with other academics and organisations in developing joint research proposals to help feed future generations – as well as on our ongoing and upcoming projects.

We will be holding workshops, if you are interesting in joining get in touch with us

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