We’re ready to do more to create a more secure food future

With an extra 3 billion people expected globally within the next 30 years, and limitations on the resources we can use to feed them, food security is a pressing issue the world needs to solve – urgently.

Keele University aims to meet this challenge, using our expertise across the fields of science, engineering, social sciences, and arts and humanities to make a real difference. We’re also well-placed within Cheshire and Staffordshire’s agricultural heartlands to work with some of the leading names in food production. We have good links with community food networks in the area too.

Whether it’s finding innovative ways to grow more food with less land or enabling people to eat healthier food and reduce food waste, our research projects will help make sure everyone has access to safe, affordable, nutritious food without harming the planet.

Here’s a selection of recently-published work and ongoing projects:

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