We’re finding ways to grow better for our growing population

Through collaborative research and education, the ambition of the Keele University is to work towards ensuring that both now and, in the future, everyone, everywhere has the healthy, nutritious food they need, when they need it, from sources that don’t harm the planet. This is a major task and is closely linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal on “Zero Hunger” (SDG2).

While there is concern regarding the world’s ability to make food accessible for all, we believe it’s a problem we can solve. By studying various aspects of the food system to make it more beneficial to people and less harmful to the environment; and by encouraging people to value food more, and waste it less.

Necessity is the mother of invention and, as humans, we have the ability, innovation and ingenuity to create new ways to ensure food security. And at the Keele Centre for Food Security, we’re determined to be at the forefront in finding them.

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