Meet the people committed to a more sustainable food future

Research at the Keele University combines expertise across natural science, engineering, social sciences and arts and humanities. We work together to find new and better ways to improve food security.

We’re also supported by a wider network of colleagues and collaborators; all dedicated to building a more sustainable food future.

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Our People

Prof. Toby Bruce

Professor of Insect Chemical Ecology

Plants, plant immune systems, environmental stress, insects, plant defences.

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Prof. Lydia Martens

Professor of Sociology

Sociology of consumption, everyday practices

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Dr. Ivonne Solis-Trapala

Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics

Graphical Markov modelling and longitudinal data analysis, nutritional biostatistics.

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Dr. Aleksandar Radu

Lecturer in Chemistry

Interface between material and analytical chemistry, development of sensors

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Dr. Alex Nobajas

Lecturer in Human Geography

GIS, remote sensing, geography of food

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Dr. Annette Shrive

Senior Lecturer in Structural Biology

Structure of biological macromolecules, immune system

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Prof. Athula Sumathipala

Professor of Psychiatry

Medically unexplained symptoms (MUS), CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy)

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Dr. Daniel Tonge

Lecturer in Biosciences

Molecular biologist and bioinformatician with expertise in the characterisation of entire microbial communities

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Dr. David Buss

Research Associate in Chemical Ecology

Collaboration with Brazil developing novel phytochemical formulations for use against insect pests

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Dr. David Thompson

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science

Development of novel analytical techniques, biomarkers, metabonomics

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Dr. Eva Giraud

Senior Lecturer in Media, Culture and Creative Practice

Cultural and media studies, on and offline food activism, contemporary vegan politics activism

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Dr. Falko Drijfhout

Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry, analysis of natural products

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Prof. Gillian Lancaster

Professor of Medical Statistics

Epidemiological applications in the field of global child health and clinical trial methodology

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Dr. Helen Glanville

Lecturer in Environmental Science

Soil science, terrestrial and aquatic biogeochemistry & soil-plant-microbe interactions

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Dr. Ian Oliver

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science

Pollutants, ecotoxicology, soil science, water quality

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Dr. Islam Sobhy

Research Associate in Chemical Ecology

Entomology, chemical ecology, plant-insect interactions and biological control.

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Prof. Paul Dewick

Professor of Sustainability and Innovation

Innovation in systems of sustainable consumption and production, eco-innovation in the food and built

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Prof. Saeed Farooq

Professor & Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist

Public health, mental health

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Prof. Samir Dani

Professor of Operations Management

Food supply chains and logistics, disruptions, technological models, business models, food integrity, farm to fork

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Dr. Sharon George

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable resources management, circular design, food waste

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Prof. Simon Pemberton

Professor of Human Geography

Scale and governance of rural and urban environments, migration, community-based planning

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Tom Torode

Lecturer in Plant Ecophysiology and Crop Protection

Prof. Trevor Greenhough

Professor of Structural Biology

Structure and function of biological macromolecules, immune system

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Prof. William Kirk

Professor of Applied Entomology

Biology and ecology of thrips, sustainable crop pest management

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Prof. Zoe Robinson

Professor of Sustainability and Innovation

Addressing sustainability through educational strategies

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Our Collaborators

Tim Cooper

Waste and Sustainability Manager, Staffordshire County Council

Emma Hamer

National Farmers Union (NFU)

Tim Lang

Professor of Food Policy, City University London

Shams Usmani

Head of Pheromone Solutions, Russell IPM

Angharad M. R. Gatehouse

Professor of Invertebrate Molecular Biology, Professor of Invertebrate Molecular Biology

Carol Millman

Executive Officer, Association of Applied Biologists